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Monday, June 2, 2008

We Tried & Gave It The BEST We Could-Good Health Is Wished Your Way

Not sure IF this is over a broken violin, someone who does not like me such as an antique dealer I compete with.

Though the Editor and I have received a very bad insulting e-mail, in the form of anonymous that really was hurtful.This blog was supposed to be fun.

It was to be about Torrington, its people and the likes and dislikes we all have.

I need to enjoy life, not sweat the small stuff and just enjoy the work I love, the family and friends I have and Mr. McCoy,my wonderful yellow lab that never lets me down. I need to or try to stay happy with all life gives us and why bother posting here IF I have offended a person to talk down on my family?

To all the kind kind wonderful people, I do thank you for your time and great comments We love ya all and I will be posting a kind kind comment ( below ) that came in from someone who posted me before as it only came through my G mail. Here is the best way to end this blog and yes these kind people that took their time out to write made my day!I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

Mike you need to re-think your decision -seriously. I have known you for thirty years personally and since you started in business back in the 90’s and feel you have done so many great things to make people happy with the caring, loving words you have written about over the past few years. Gosh we even read your add and stories back in the Voice News days. This is my take on your situation - first of all there is someone been talking about how they were going to talk bad about your 1970’s days and your family. I know this through someone that was babbling we heard about through the torrington grapevine. It is a jealous cousin style person. That is the best hint I can give you. This person has no friends at all.Mike again I feel and also speak for my other half that from reading your blogs which we both heard about at work we have your solution.Mike you were a great addition to the Register Citizen and many others read your Sunday column with anticipation faithfully weekly. I understand you feel let down by the paper and any fool knows that people READ newspapers not as frequent as blogs.Mike-it appears you upset this Mary lady. But she should reconsider adding you to the paper again and do not post here again till she does. Why waste your time blogging for people with the heart you do have if they do not show their heart in return. You again helped make people happy. If Mary and the publisher want you to blog three times a week, then ask for once a week on like Mondays -IN THE PRINTED NEWSPAPER ITSELF or whatever day they want to put you in?
There are more people that like you than do not. As you know, we live in a world here where people are jealous of anything and everything. I know this will be hard for you not to want to post but you do have fans out there and maybe just maybe the newspaper will awaken and have you back again? We grew up in torrington and we will probably die in torrington but we know you made many people and lots or elderly people happy with mikes memories. We live off of 183 in town and we wish you luck though stop posting till you get back in the paper, period.

Happy Monday To You All & Thanks For Reading Blog 24

I learn from a last few critics that maybe they are right about certain situations,maybe not in other areas?
Regarding the apology to Mr. Dalla Valle in my last blog, I should have just done it in person though Rick and I have talked recently as he helped my Mom out for the St Francis School store in helping move items to the store that helped raise money for the school.

He complimented me,last December ( on live local Tim Driscoll TV show ) for helping him get him some winter jackets for clients when no other agency in town could help last year.

I just happen to be in the right place ( as Secretary and a Board member of FISH ) at the time and OTHER people got the job done,not me.

My last same critic stated I should have apologized to Mary Dempsey, to her, as well and not used the blog as a venue. I did , three times and have the e-mails to prove it.Mary is like me, stubborn about things but she is great at her job.

Moving on, today we ask you to guess where I was recently? Do these pictures bring back a beach memory for you? Can you tell me where this is by the boardwalk?

This is a great place. It is called a "dry town" and is about 30 minutes in either way of very famous places.It is known as a wonderful family place.We hope someone will guess where this may be and we may add to this topic on Wednesday,God willing.

We also wanted to thank Andrea for the kind e-mail last week as well,nice words.

We have decided also to continue dedicating my column to a great man or woman we see fit of noting.This day, it is a person still living and is truly a caring person.

Officer Robert Shopey runs the traffic division with the help of as few guys and Gerry, I hope I spelled it right?

Bob has brought big money to Torrington in way of grants,knows his business in the police department, is certified in accident reconstruction and to top it off is the Chief Of the Winsted Fire Department! He does get any job asked of him for any taxpayer,period.Chief Milano should be happy to have people like Bob ( Shopey ) that make him ( Milano ) look good!

You may recall the name shopey as Robert's family and son were injured in the fireworks display in 1990 at Fussenich Park.

Now,18 years later Bobby III is also very involved in the fire department and a great son,nothing more a Dad could want!
Robert, I feel you are a great asset to the City of Torrington and we are lucky to have you and your crew!Yes, I know there are some people that may have gotten a ticket or the new change where IF you got a ticket and needed something done at the MVD department,you had to go back and pay for that ticket,such is life.So, we will talk on Wednesday and hope you post a few kind or not so kind comments.Have a great day.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Slow Down Mike - Smell The Flowers - Get Off The Computer Just A Tad-Have A Great Weekend

I have enjoyed these last few weeks being part of the Register Citizen team again even if it has only reached a small portion of the readers I used to have the honor of writing for.

Mike Driscoll is a novice writer at best but as most people know I have the love for the town and the PEOPLE and yes the people that are no longer with us.

I have spent quite a bit of time and notice some of the best bloggers get very few comments and realize that most people just do not have the time to pen a response though I can tell that these great blogger know what they are doing!

Again, I am not one of them.

As a friend of mine said yesterday, Mike, " we love it and you love doing it so just write and do not worry about the comments."
"And Mike, people are reading it and they may not all agree with you though they are reading it and that is what should count."

This guy made me feel good and did not even realize it!

Thank you sir.

Recently, in one of my blogs, the Publisher of the Register Citizen said and I quote " he was a fan of mine. "

This guy has put up more from me than the average Joe. He knows though I care for the newspaper and that is why he has tolerated my concerns.

I am not that technical with the blogger stuff as he is though he probably could not sell 100 items in a month on eBay either so we each have our own skills. Mr. DeRienzo I thank you though from the bottom of my heart for all your time.

My blog now has what it is called "author moderation" meaning that I need to approve a comment before it gets put on the site and that is due to spam and boy we had quite a bit this past week.

But if you check a few of my blogs, you will see IF you post something negative about the topic or even me, I take it head on and tackle the issue, I will not run from criticism.

NOTE: On future blogs, I beg of you, to write a comment and even if you do not agree with me, will always share your side of the story, issue or feelings about the weekly blog.

But I am going to do now what this kind man said and just write what I feel and IF you want to post, so be it, if you do not, so be it! I am not CNN, I am not one of the top bloggers in the town nor will pretend to be.

Though, before you leave the site today, make sure to see all the great changes the Register Citizen has been doing right down to the updating of the “news the day” on the Register Citizen’s website and even video clips of local issues! They are trying as well.
With all humility, I will state I almost let this blog take over my life as an addict does with drugs or a drinker with booze or a workaholic does and so on.

At least I can admit it, take a step back and I ask of you to tell your friends about this blog, check in once in a while and again, maybe pen me a few words!TAKE your time though when making a comment,make up a codename , IF you want to as no one will know whom you are.

You do not have to post under anonymous if you do not want to.

I have customers to take care of and items to sell on the Bay to try and fill my 26 gallon gas tank and to figure out IF to fill up the oil tank, for the winter NOW ( at 4.54 a gallon ) and or wait?

Yes, it is my goal to still want to come back and pen a weekly column in the paper.I truly believe that will happen some day soon.

With that I say have a great day ,week and or weekend and please check back soon.Peace , Michael Edward Driscoll

p.s. long live Torrington Conn USA and I add a new posting now here when posting:Who I have wronged publicly thus say I am sorry publicly!

Richard Dalla Valle and I got into it back into the 1990's and MOST of it was caused by a little frenchman behind our backs.I wronged Dalla Valle for comments in a few of my chicken restaurant adds which was unfair.The guy does care for our city so for my FIRST "who I have wronged" post, I pick Mr. Dalla Valle and say Rick , thanks for helping our city and sorry for my stupid advertisements in my younger years!

Quick Thursday Blog Reminded Me Of 1960's Pineridge Road Torrington Conn USA

McCoy JUST had a bunch of kind people from the World Famous Madin School on New Harwinton Road also known as the TCA or Torrington Christian Academy just walk by!

Great great kids and we used to have some of the great Madin kids work for me and now THEIR kids kids are going to school there!

WE have not had that many kids on our street since the Halloween days of the 1960's so thanks kids and teachers for the nice memory as i sat listing on the Bay.Tell the Madin's we said hello as he is now a big-time Judge appointed by Gov Rell but he has bought a few clocks from me over a 20 year period.

See you Friday folks where we talk about NUTS and how good they are for Lyme Disease pain.Please feel free to post away IF you have a topic you would like to talk about, while we moderate our comments, ALL get posted whether you are pro or con on the subject of the day.We thank the 2670 people that have visited this site now and the 49 one time posters PLUS the mikey group that post regularly. Have a great day and remember, do not sweat the small stuff as taught to me by my friends! Have a sparkling day!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The TORRINGTON YOUR PARENTS LIVED In & Would LOVE FOR YOU To PRINT & Send Them THIS ONE Or Sit Them At The Screen With A Mouse And SHOW Them HOW:-)

We all have certain things in our past we are not proud of. We could have hurt someone's feelings,rendered a sin which we wish we did not commit. Told a white lie that to a loved one that they never forgot.Yes, we all have a skeleton or two in our closet or dresser drawers. I have many , though that is not what this Wednesday column is about! Caught your attention though?<P>Growing up in Torrington, I had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people.Most of them are now a little more grown up, still living in town and I hope a few are reading this story! And there are quite a few great people that made a difference in the community that are no longer with us as they are looking down from the Heavens today.

Last week, in my daily travels, I came across about 100 Torrington Register newspapers from 1963 to about 1974.

They are so cool.Do not get too excited, they are not worth much,as far as value, but they are the best reading.Just the advertisements of the older establishments in town ,as well as the price of a full dinner of soft shell crabs at Steak & Brew for $3.99 and a 2 pound lobster as well for $5.59 , makes it even worth a trip down memory lane. So lets begin.

To start, I found a great picture in the Torrington Register of a group of the YMCA's "junior leaderettes". A young picture of a Marie Cranvanzolo,a very young Nancy Sullivan ,Michele Farley and even Susan Fraher. All turned out to be leaders. All cared.

Linda Nawalniec was to enter Creative Hairdressing Academy of Hartford in the fall.Chris Germano was off to Southern Conn.
Nick Testanero was playing for the Kuarter Klan and poked a double that night.Cookie Zeller ,playing for Christy's Cafe had hit a triple as well in the same Slow-Pitch league.

Just to let you know , you could buy a 2 family house on the East End for $8,500.00. Or, in Harwinton, you could buy a 3 acre lot with a home on it for 18 grand!

In 1969, the likes of Debbie Colucci ,James York ,Walter Grammatica and a girl that I remember as a goddess, Roberta Crowley ,boarded a Royal Dutch Airlines with 8 others teenagers for a 21 day tour of Europe. I was 12.

Victor Muschell was "considering Mayoral nomination." I wonder if he ever ran or if he was still working on the downtown revi?

The following men:: Paul Stevens , Primo Zanderigo , Henry Josefow , Ed Picz , George Dingwell , Clem Crovo , Lou Tibbals , Ray Perregaux and Ed Gisslebrecht all had one thing in common, they were selling Firestone Tires.

Mrs. Angela Amicone and a forty year younger vice President of the Altrusa International club named Dee Donne were just getting back from a conference in Montreal.

Next door,in Harwinton Conn we had a cast of Brigadoon being announced by the HarBur theatre. Dennis Callahan was playing "Charlie" and a musician named Doug Grieco was playing "Archie"

A great bunch of ladies called the St Francis Mother's Club were visiting Johnny's in Forestville Conn for a banquet. Mrs.Burinskas,Mrs Beyer,Mrs Hogan,Mrs Fitzgerald and a lady name Alyce Driscoll,my wonderful Mom, were the officers.

A guy was setting up some of his paintings at Coe Park for an "outdoor show" none other than the great Richard Von Hoorn.

A bunch of awards were handed out at a "final scholastic assemble" to great names like Paula Rubino,Mary Ann Considine,Bonita Michelet and James Denza. A very good looking older guy named Edward Bush was making the presentations along with a very pretty lady named Mrs Gilda Gallicchio.
A friend of my Dad's, was an honest man named Robert Grier.He was being named the head of the local Torrington HELCO branch.He would serve as a city councilman years down the road.

The City of Torrington had just received a $ 114,626.00 state grant for ''road improvements" for 138 miles of our roads. TODAY, that 114 thousand would not even get us a half mile of improvements!

At the Century House restaurant on the top of the hill you could have a full 5 course chicken marsala dinner for $2.25 or stop in the Nutmeg Delicatessen at 405 Main street for baked goods, a dozen was under 20 cents.

If you wanted to dance, you could pile in a new 1968 Pontiac that you just bought for under $2,500.00, and go to Teddy's A Go Go and see a band called the Unknowns, guess they will remain unknown? and the Red Rooster had 80 cents lounge drinks and the Pig & Whistle Pub was showing the movie "Easy Rider".

A band named "Soul Continentals" were playing at Chico Restaurant at 48 Funston Avenue as well.

In 1974 we saw Bill Nataro, Driscoll's Ambulance's manager of their baseball team. He was unsure if he would start either Dave Murelli or Bryan Carey for a Regional tourney.Tom Germano was playing at the Cape Cod league and may not make the game.Biff Pond was paying first base!

If you wanted to cook at home, you could swing by Stanley's Market at 96 Washington Avenue and buy rib eye steaks for 89 cents a pound! For the ladies, Nugents was selling dresses, skirts and summer clothes for all under 8 bucks!

In 1969, we saw the real Rotary president at large, Arthur Poole, presenting awards to sports enthusiasts such as Paula Finn,Irene Milanese and even a young looking Doug Traub.

The Lions Club had a great party at the Yankee Pedlar and named a wonderful man named Dr.Ernest Lacore as its president. A very beautiful looking lady named Janet Sibley was awarded a degree at the annual commencement of Ithaca College.

As I began this column I said there are and were great people that helped Torrington to be a better place, Re-read these names.Most are still here,if not their children may be.At a time in Torrington's juncture when we may see a little uncertainty,let alone our new tax bills,let us take a little comfort of these few wonderful people and places we talked about today.I am sure a place or name came to you that you have not thought about in 34 plus years?

I dedicate this column to a man named Joe " PAT " Sabia whom was a great man,neighbor father and husband.

His son Joey owns Torrington Sash and door and is still a neighbor to me and my Mom up the street. Pat was a kind quiet man whom made sure service always came first!

Monday, May 26, 2008


So Did you have a nice Memorial Day weekend?

Well the weather was great and got to meet some nice new people up in the town of Copake New York!<P> For many years, I could be seen selling hot dogs, cotton candy and ice cream at the greens of many a parade.STAY WITH ME PLEASE- I miss it but I also enjoy having weekends to do what I want now or as a pal of mine Tony has said, many a time:"Mike you have put in your time in the kitchen."

I thought of my Dad over the weekend as many of you did as well as he served in the Navy back in World War II.

Wishing you a great Tuesday, VERY busy so today we will leave you with a comment I got this past weekend while camping. Did not even know about it till Monday afternoon.

The name " The Chicken Man" brings back great memories to me at a time,1989, in which I was going into business for myself and never looked back.

Almost 20 years and 72 fundraisers later that you and I helped with hot dog carts and chicken raised NOT only money but made friendships I value today! Could not have done it without YOU people.

I will never forget the kindness shown by a guy named Slaiby who asked me to cater a dinner for over 200 boy scouts out of the kitchen across from St.Francis Church.The day later he drew up a sales contract,gratis, for me to sell my Rotisserie,which I did a week later in 1992.

THIS comment ,below, was left on the "apology blog" (( please go back and read the other nice comments left though and enjoy the pictures of yes , the CHICKEN MAN in a homemade scrapbook by an old girlfriend.I never thanked her enough! ))

Yes, I am no angel, have skeletons,smoked lots of pot and have history I am not proud of.

But if this man or woman has none in their closet,then cast the second stone ,please!AND IF ANY GASOLINE STATION WANTS TO LOWER THE PRICE BY A BUCK for a day,GIVE ME A CHIX SUIT AND I WILL FLAG IN THE CUSTOMERS ALL DAY FOR FREE!

I could have let this die but think about,read it and feel free to comment on this persons,antiques dealer/now a reporters and or a former writers remarks:-)


What a joke!Most business people I know in Torrington do not want to be associated with Mike Driscoll in any way, shape or form.I know some who have stopped advertising in the Register Citizen for just that very reason. And this blog is just an extention of the newspaper, so that feeling still persists.Besides being a self-important gadfly, most remember him at his best as "Chicken Man" in his chicken costume stolling Main Street in Torrington. I won't even get into the rest of his "history" that most long-time business people in town know of and remember. And then there is the pathetic need for attention he exhibits.There are a great many of us that do not want any type of association with him at all. And therefore we do distance ourselves from the Register Citizen and its' staff more than they might ever realize. Something for them to think about.And by the way, I think that all this anonymous stuff is pathetic, for most of the positive "anonymous" comments here are probably posted by Mike Driscoll himself.What a joke. This is a truly sad reflection on the Register Citizen, and by association, on Torrington itself. We deserve better.
May 23, 2008 7:56 PM


Friday, May 23, 2008

THIS ONE MAY BE BORING-But It Is Easy On The EYES,Peace,,michael

You know,we are just amazing people and the friends and quaintences we can have.Below are a few of both,can you figure out the friends, I have thousands more where these came from:-)

I call them thankful snippets.I thank each and everyone for their time!
PLEASE have a safe Memorial Day and think of all people have given for us!

Hi Mike,

Thanks for including me in your email! I hope your day with Mom was a memorable one. Everyone is still well in our corner. I am printing out the 15 pages of your blog to give to my mother-in-law who used to look forward to your columns all the time. Some are good for a laugh, some bring back fond memories, but I think you are correct when you say, times are not like they used to be... But then I look at my mother-in-law, Rose who has the most positive outlook and say I want to be just like her, find the good in things and accept the changes. She will enjoy reading your blogs, so keep them coming!


Hey Mike, finally got a chance to see your blog, very nice! Where do you get the photos! I love to see the old shots you dig up! Just a reminder about the quotation marks......

They are only used when someone is speaking Ex... At the Coe Park gathering "everything was lovely and the flowers were in bloom" according to BLANK as she walked through Saturday. BLANK also said "it was a nice day all around and the weather was clear".

Check out the paper and watch when the reporters quote people, otherwise it looks like you were smoking pot during your English class at THS! (funny for me to give anyone advice!!!)

If you want to emphasize something you have to say, and I know you like to write that way, use italics instead. Otherwise people who are good at English (not you and me...) will think you are quoting someone who is speaking and all you really want to do is emphasize your point. You have come leaps and bounds over the years and I am sure you will acquire a multitude of loyal readers!
You are doing great and I love to see what you come up with each day!

Hugs my friend! Have a great weekend! Wish me luck finding my plants at White Flower Farm on Sunday (and no rain)!


THIS one below if from a 93 young lady in Norfolk



No problem.
Always remember that I am under a great deal of pressure to get things done on deadline. In the New York Times article last week, they call this one of 10 percent of jobs that are "extreme.
No time for lunch, long notes or chats, just hope to keep up and keep abreast.
The reward is in knowing people like you, who care about their communities in their own unusual (yes, sometimes quirky) ways. It's what makes life interesting and it's still why I enjoy what I do.
So could you send me just the facts of the story- how did you get the box, how did he get the box, what was in it etc.
Thanks, yes it's interesting.
Good luck with everything. If life wasn't challenging the rewards wouldn't be so sweet.


As the former publisher of the Voice News, I worked with Mike Driscoll frequently over a ten year period from 1992 until 2002. During that period Mike was a frequent contributor, writing about general interest issues with a focus on Torrington and the Northwest Corner. Mike's articles were always very popular with our readers. He has a uniqueability to focus in on issues from a perspective that conventional reporting often times misses. By his own admission, Mike is not a polished writer. However, he is an extremely hard worker who has a genuine love and respect for newspapers.

I have been meaning to contact you since you said some nice things about me a year or so ago. Sorry I didn’t.
I enjoyed your article about dance recitals. Saw the names of many old friends, classmates and even a couple old girl friends. I was in love with Emily Jeanne Meade for a couple weeks when I was in 8th grade I think. I don’t think I have heard or seen anything about her since then. There must be at least 20 names I recognize. Thanks for bringing back the memories.

Dear Mike: This e-mail is a long time going to you. We have a couple of friends who send your clipping to us and we thoroughly enjoy them. Many bring back memories. We are retired here in The Villages, FL. for over 4 years and enjoying every moment. I golf abot 3x a week, besides active in Ladies Guild at church and play cards. I am also in a group of women who on Monday nights crochet helmet hats and make angels for the soldiers in Iraq..very rewarding. It is very cold there at this time of year.We were in ttown in August to visit our son, Michael and family and see our friends. That is when I learned that you live in the West End of town..great area. I grew up there and spent better than 60 years there. As kids we played baseball at the top of Culvert Street which was a huge lot, no houses and when we didn't have enough kids, we would go across the brook pickup up kids who lived at top of Funston Ave. and then proceed to a huge lot at the tiop of the hill that was owned by C.H.H. In the winter we walked to top of Highland Ave. and ice-skated at Patterson Pond and later years took our kids there. Many, many good memories. We were just recently reminded of the Queen and King that would be picked by each end of town. Pat Perkins, Campeau who was a classmate was Queen of the West End w/Jim Crowley.Keep up the good work and we will look forward to your articles. Merry Christmas and Happy, Healthy New Year and of course "Buona Natale".

I really want you guys to come up for a snow play date this Winter!! You'll have your own King bed and bath upstairs, and I'd love to have you...and McCoy!!

So, we'll wait for a big fluffy dump of snow (usually happens in January), okay?

It's a tired, worn, tiny little ski house (unlike your spacious mansion!), but I can make dinner, serve it, watch the news and build a fire--all in the same room!!

~ ~ ~
I'm being sued by a pissed off competitor and now Dan says you're getting audited. How much fun is THIS?!?!? But, Dan's been through a LOT of audits and he's never lost one yet, so try not to worry and--hardest to do but most important--let HIM do the talking.

Anyway, I'm leaving soon for CT; I'll try to give you a buzz

Love & kisses


Mike--Of course your columns will run. I'm going to run them on Saturday because they are so popular and they should bring our Saturday circulation up. Viktoria will no longer be editing them, I will. Just keep sending them to Blankblank.comMary


I read with interest every sunday your column. many of them are of the upper east end with all its history..your 1963 article this past sunday brought back many of the memories as have all the past east end stories have.

Back in june of 1963 i along with my now retired business partner opened up our hair salon on durand st. at that time east main street was a very quiet rte 25..Stars had opened earlier that year and as i can remember i am one of the few original businesses that still exist..there were not any banks at the time but from clem crovo`s up we had a chevron gas station and up further was Earls tip top t.v. , katzman`s pharmacy,a record store that was just begining to get those new things called eight track tapes..and of course Jimmy Piscatelli`s store with it two pump gasoline..further up was the S & H Green stamp redemption store.
on the corner across durand street , Cornielo`s Nash Rambler was doing a great business selling those small cars for under $ 2000.00

i could go on further but there would be too, too many business`s to list. I am still here along with three great women, one of which is my wife elena. another one is diane and of course a good friend of yours sharon .( I love Sharon )
yes i do work my three days , but i also remember when pulling out into east main street from durand was an easy task..forty two plus years later there have been many , many changes but the traffic is one thing that i have seen greatly increased... thanks for all the stories and easpecially the east main street ones..


Just received a copy of your article on remembering locals. I miss Donna Neri very much
and it was so good that she is not forgot by other people. I am now living in Florida and
knew a lot of the people in your article
Thank You, Russ Neri, Donnas father ( we just lost Mr. Neri this pat May,sad )


I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid. Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer inwaht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Amzanig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tuohght slpeling was ipmorantt!

IF you did get though this, hope it made you smile,credit goes to the last one where it deserves at it was sent to me so I thank the kind man and or mowan who did that?,P> Sometimes a few kind words
can help you make it through the day? :-)Hope You enjoyed these little

I did not correct any typos, I left them as sent:-)

we all make mistake:-)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Just a QUICK Post & Thank GOD For ALL WE HAVE

This past Tuesday, I was asked to do a local channel 5 television program which I have done before with the theme on the antiques world.

I have done this a few times and yielded many calls in the past.Though THIS past Tuesday I only got like seven calls in an hour when you are by yourself seems live forever!

As the program ended I was feeling sorry for myself!How DUMB was I.

THEN in the next hour, I realized how stupid I was for feeling down because I had competed against American Idol night and for whatever reason?

I left the complex which is right above the peaches and Cream ice cream place and as I pulled out, there is a SUV driving with NO LIGHTS on all over the road!<P>I was on my cellphone with a guy named Alfredo and I was like screaming at him and did not know what to do as this person was all over the road!

I was then destined to catch up to them and help! I got to East Albert street and tried to now wave , whom was a man down. I got him to pull into the Tribly Kite factory right near TV Lab.

Sidebar-there are a few details I leave out for reasons not needing to be noted.

As I spoke to this man whom has done wondrous things for Torrington and even served on a few boards back in the 1960's, he did not know where he was going, where he was coming from and he was NOT drunk! The big A word came into play as I looked at this man who again was a giant and leader in Torrington.let us say, we got him home safe and I felt good that this man who was driving, not knowing much of anything, got home to live another day!

Again, how dare me feel down over a stupid program?Here was this man ,whom has been inflicted with the worst disease, or one of them again called Alzheimer's.

Today, IF something gets you down, remember this story and Have a great Memorial Day weekend.Gotta go!Thanks for any comments and we will talk next Tuesday,God willing!No one will ever know whom this man is!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

SPECIAL WEDNESDAY BLOG:The Apology Heard ROUND The World,Well At Least Litchfield County

I have been reading other blogs round the web and I do see that many do NOT get comments! I mean even super hero blogs.

Should just be happy that I get even one comment a day ,if that I guess?SOME have to even have their comment approved by the author?Guess that makes sense so no terrible words get out there.

Here I have almost let this blog take over my life and why?

I guess it is because I like to try and make people happy!

Thus we come to this blog , calling it the apology heard round the world!

About two years ago, I made a rude comment to the present day Editor Mary Dempsey at the Register. It was wrong of me which cost me the right to pen a Sunday story in the paper.

I have tried to apologize numerous times but to no avail.I have tried to call her many a time.

I am now apologizing to her for any reader to read from Alaska to Ohio via the world wide web.

Mary and I both have a little Irish in each of us though again I made a stupid remark that I should not have,period.

I have enjoyed and do enjoy talking about our town, its people as with all newspapers, the reporters come and go and really never get to know the people nor the town.Being I have lived hear over 50 years gives me a little edge over these fine men and women reporters and know that some people do like what has been written in the past and yes there are some that would prefer not to see me in print.But do not newspapers sell controversy or is it just for the sports?

So Mary, for the world to see, I Michael E. Driscoll do hereby apologize to you for my unkind words and wish you would forgive me!

I end by noting that this blog will now be ONLY Monday, Wednesday and Friday due to work load.AND there will not be a blog THIS Friday as I like many of you will be getting ready for the weekend .

Have a great Memorial Day weekend folks and enjoy life while you can.God willing we will talk next week.I am sure the last thing on your mind is reading what I have to say on Memorial Day?Enjoy the parades though as so many do so much to make it possible!

This column is dedicated to anyone whom, like me, made a mistake, owned up to it and tried to resolve it. Does that sound like someone you know?How about a call Mary or a comment here?How about a second chance?
What do I need to do to have you forgive me for my rude comment which again was 100% wrong on MY part? Michael

Enjoy The 1970's And NOTE:Blog ONLY Monday-Wednesday&Friday NOW ONLY-Work Has To Come First and THANK GOD I have work:-)

Well, , I have not touched on what is now called "the 1970s era" in

It was a great time of bell bottoms, platform shoes, paisley shirts with
striped pants. Yes, it was also the days of "real" rock and roll,
psychedelic posters, black lights, Lava lamps, strobe lights and disco
balls towards the end of the 70s.

Yes, there were babes, boys, bones,
bongs, booze and blow in the 1970s as well, sad but true. We will leave
those details to your vivid imagination.

There were also "hip hugger pants," peasant tops, real mood rings and "pet rocks" that added to the fad times of the '70s.

Our Moms and Dads kept up with the times and had wallpaper with the "flower power" theme, and the yellows, purples and oranges made our furniture come alive!

It was "hip" to listen to bands ranging from Tower of Power, Earth Wind and Fire, War, The Bee Gees, The Who, The Boss (Bruce), The Eagles, and yes, even Elton John. Folk Artists such as Jackson Browne, Cat Stevens,
Harry Chapin, James Taylor, Carly Simon, Joni Mitchell, Aztec Two Step
and Linda Ronstadt made us "think" about what we wanted to do with our

THEN we listened to Bob Dylan, The Band, The Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin
or the Mamas and the Papas, and all we wanted to do was think about how
we wanted to do nothing and try to accomplish that with a bag of
munchies! Or we could listen to Pink Floyd's the "Dark Side of the Moon"
album and gaze into the uncharted territory of our minds.
OK, time to come back to Earth, Mike.

Back in the 1970s there were great items just being made that now to this day are very collectible. Pottery, glass and even some toys and
models are worth hundreds of dollars. Who would have thought that a
plastic horror model made by Aurora in 1972 would bring in excess of
$500 today?

We were torn by the Vietnam War in the 1970s. Hearing stories of our
neighbors' older brothers going to a God-forsaken place hoping they
would return in one piece. Some never did come back.
After playing kickball in the neighbors' yard, we would come home to
watch the television with Dad and Mom to the daily events of the war as
told by a younger Dan Rather, only wishing we could turn the TV station
to catch a glimpse of "Barney Miller," "Taxi," or my favorite,
"M*A*S*H*," which made the thought of war a little friendlier, if only
for that half-hour.

There were many classic television shows that entertained us like we have never been entertained. LONG before "reality TV," we had "Mary
Tyler Moore," "Sanford and Sons," "Happy Days," "The Brady Bunch," and
yes, even Archie Bunker in "All in the Family." "Saturday Night Live" was in its debut days. We saw a president resign, we saw a blackout in New York City, we saw Olympians killed in Munich,
and more than 900 people died at a cult run by Jim Jones in Guyana.
And, I am always reminded, on my birthday, May 4, of the tragedy at Kent
University, even though at the time I did not even understand it!
On a lighter note, we had Reggie Jackson pop a few homers, "Jaws" was
just making a splash, and we were having food fights in "Animal House."
Can we even imagine IF we had the technology of "today" back then, we
would have changed the world. Back in 1971, leaving St. Francis School,
we had not even heard of pot, nor smelled a cigarette in the bathrooms
until entering high school.Is that true of the middle school today?

I am not even sure what a "hippie" is today. I see people with earrings under their tongues, in their noses and just about everywhere else you can think on their bodies!

"Pull up your pants" is probably a more common saying today among the teens or "which cell phone are you using tonight?"
I remember having shoulder-length hair - maybe that was as bad to the
elders of our generation as what I see today.

I can remember seeing the movie "2001 - A Space Odyssey" at the Warner Theatre and not having a clue what it was even about.
Yes, I do believe that was in 1969, do not crucify me for touching on
the 1960s as well, please!

Then again, I remember seeing musical great "Steppenwolf" as well as "Tower of Power," also at the Warner. Those I can still recall.

Trips to see Freddie Mercury and "Queen" at the Waterbury Palace Theatre, or great bands at Harwinton's Windjammer Cafe, Litchfield's Beverly's, or yes, Benny Nero's Cafe in Winsted.
My brain is exploding.

Deep Purple's "Smoke on the Water" just will not leave my lips!

YOU probably remember more than I of the '70s, though, I am not sure if
that is good or not? We all do not have the hairdos, let alone the hair,
we had 30-plus year ago, but let us thank God we in fact made it through
the 1970s.

I am sure I did NOT touch upon a memory that YOU have remembered of this
time in our lives.


I spent lots of time with somebody named "Panama Red." He hurt me!

It was a trying time for the parents and kids, let alone U.S. teenagers.who are now spending our "golden years" in a forever-changing Torrington.

Please, go get out your Frank Zappa, Jethro Tull or Chicago concert
T-shirts, put them on, then pull out that vintage "turntable," dust off
those "vinyl" 33s, crank it up and dance, if only to yourself, like you
have not danced in 30 years! Long live Tricky Dick!

This column is dedicated to a couple guys named ZEGA whom we lost years ago,nice nice guys!

Now it is YOUR turn, what do you recall and do you know what SCHOOLS are in the picture? and NOTE BLOG is three days a week , Monday Wed&Friday now. I have to put work first.Have a great day!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

And YES I Even Got To Run Through The Stands In July As Santa For The Kids At A Twisters Game-ASK Ray O If You Do Not Believe ME

Do YOU know whom these people are with yours truly? If so, call them and tell them you saw them on M.D.'s blog.

Back in like 1992 or maybe 1993 there was a merchants association downtown and we had a Christmas party for all the downtown merchants somewhere downtown. Those were the good ole days I was lucky to be a downtown merchant!

Special note folks:Thanks FOLKS for the FINE Comments.

Just a quick NOTE that I will ONLY be writing a blog on MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY now as work has kept me busy and honestly, I need to pay my mortgage,fill my tank and be able to pay my taxes!

I started this blog hoping to get 700 words in the paper again on any given day and NOT with a theme as the blog is, just the good ole Torrington columns I used to pen.Maybe that will happen, maybe not. I would and will still write a blog three times a week.It can only better my chances IF you let the people know you did or did not enjoy them!Thanks so much and have a sparkling day!

I still have this memory to look at as well as these great looking ladies ,hanging off my shoulders,whom still are around the town.

Moving on, there are so many local issues go on right now around town, it is hard to keep up on them.

Many people tend not to speak up , though ,they do have feelings about local issues such as taxes,services or lack of and other issues.The new SOUND OFF started by the Register Citizen Publisher Matt Derienzo, who was instrumental in getting me in the Sunday paper to begin with,made it easier for you to rant without leaving your name!

This is where though I get to say my feelings and you can tell me to go to ---- or state your feelings on the subject at large.

Brings me to the recent story I read regarding the Torrington Twisters.

In case you do not know, I was there with a portable concession trailer as the exclusive food vendor for the first few years there.I remember it well.What you may not know is I sold hot dogs , with the help of my brother , six years prior to the Twisters coming to town.

Down at the Fussenich Park, in 1990, we paid a guy from the park and recreation department four hours JUST to flip the switch for the lights and they just watched the game,period!

These are facts folks and any good newspaper reporter could verify it.

I remember though, like it was yesterday, the first day the Twisters played their opening day.

While back then, IF you swept off a field for the kids to play after a rainy Friday night or did anything at the park, the Union, would file a grievance because it was their job to sweep off the water or whatever it was to get that four hours of OT.

Please, I think the present day park and recreation crew are a hard working bunch and today, have filed less grievances and will work to stay within their budget and let us get Larmett in there soon and forget about going through five more directors when we have a great guy!.

As stated above, I sold hot dogs from 1990 to 1996 BEFORE the Twisters came to town when 200 people and a hundred dollar night in sales was a great night,no a fantastic night as the average amount of people was less than 50 per game at Fussenich!

I donated to every team down there.

So, it came to a shock to me as I was now about to make a few bucks selling my wares at the park that opening TWISTER night that the park and rec director,then named Craig Schroder,came to me during the seventh inning and said and I quote" Mike it is now your responsibility to clean up the entire park after the game."

I remember then Mayor M.J, watch me almost pick up Schroder and throw him across the parking lot.

So, we went from a dirty park, literally where bums lived in the dugout and the park and rec employees never caught sweeping up the thousands of cigarettes butts, to now, a hand full of paid guys down there being and WE,the concessionaire, now all of a sudden, at a moments notice, being responsible for cleaning the park after every game! So much for the Union filing a grievance on that one?

The twisters were new back then and yes, it was worth it for me to keep my Irish trap closed and clean up that park!

Yes, there were games that exceeded 3000 people,hands down!

Even fed the team after the games but never received even a thank you from that guy named Fredriksson!

Nothing like the days when the Russians' and Japan's teams came to town!

I look back now as watched the great late Lefty Silano work so hard and I never charged him a dime for my french fries he loved so much and was always thankful to me.

And yes, the nice guy selling the T-Shirts, I often wondered if HE had to put in a bid, or donate anything to the town, to vend there?Well he should and I like the guy!

I have read the papers as of late about the city, or you and I taxpayers now and have been paying this $8,000 a year for the police down there?

Yes, some may call this a drop in the bucket in the realm of a 100 plus million dollar budget?

To me though, I believe in the argument.It is the principal of the issue at hand folks.

Does anyone remember the Warner Theatre having to pay for every cop in town for a concert that set them back one hundred thousand plus dollars and THEY had to pay for those cops! Yes, I know the Warner Theatre and Nutmeg Ballet do not pay taxes to the town, THAT in itself is another blog for another day.

The organization of the Torrington Twisters is a for profit business.

I paid the city to vend there and also all the permits required by law,taxes,insurances and such as I am and was for profit business!How is this team and or the new owners that I do not think pay a dime in taxes , or services, to Torrington better than any other business in town? I pay personal property on my business equipment as well yearly!Others have vended after me as well and they had to pay their way as well!

Do not great local groups have to pay for the custodian at school for special events?

And just for the record,I am not looking to vend again at the park.

This may be my ONLY controversial blog to date but I want it known, I myself, only speak for Michael E. Driscoll , do not think it is right that the Twisters can raise prices for tickets and God only knows what the new prices will be for food without any consent of the park and recreation commission! By rights, I feel it should go back OUT TO BID due to the change of ownership?

Before I go though, I want to say and thank, what the Ray's did down at the place.

Turri and Oneglia and all the others involved per the re-make Fussenich Park a jewel again,that will never be forgotten by anyone!

Though, the park, should be enjoyed ALL thought the year,not just a few months of the year.

Do I feel the Twisters are great fun for the town,100%, I witnessed it first-hand in its glory days!

Do I think raising prices to six bucks a whack for tickets is a tough thing to swallow with gas at now over four bucks a gallon,not a doubt.Will Torrington now support this team still, the batter is not in the box yet?

Will people boycott and ask for lower fees? MAYBE they should make a PUNCH CARD and the tenth visit get in for free?

But remember, the Torrington Twisters are a for profit organization and should pay their share as well for their expenses at a time when many, repeat many local business owners that have been in business for 20 plus years are just hanging in there week to week!

Am I wrong? Does anyone read this blog.Stats were here we had 1,400 hits on this blog the first week and for that, I thank you as well and the hundreds whom have commented.

Feel free to take me to town folks that is why hear, YOU get to let your feelings known about ( as in past blogs I have penned ) happy things,sad things and yes every once in a while a controversial THINGY,this being the first I would call controversial!

In closing, I dedicate this column to a man known as John Fulop aka FLOP.A coach who cared about every kid and had a heart as big if not bigger than the plaque behind home plate at a place called Oak Avenue.Also this is donated to the hundreds of people, men and women that have coached a team and all that goes with it, I envy you.Have a great day and hope this brings at least one comment?

Friday, May 16, 2008


Yes, that is 1955 Torrington right after the flood and Mr. Roberts was playing on the Warner Theater's marquee.

Looking back in my past, I am always remembering great working people that lived within Litchfield County as I drive by a landmark or some kind of "turn of events" that jogs my memory.

TODAY, I would like to talk about a dozen of these great people that are no longer with us. It can get"quite emotional" for me just to pen these "people we have lost to God" stories. I can cry JUST as easy as you thinking of loved ones no longer on this earth. If I even touch upon one person whom YOU were honored to know, I will be happy to bring a smile to your face.


I will start off with a beautiful lady I never really knew that well, I wish I had though! Her name was Valerie Dileo and she was a real estate agent in Torrington. She was a very nice person that died way to young in life. She will always be remembered by her loved ones and I will often think of her as well. Her family still lives in town and are great people.

Torrington we had great man in a guy named John Obegenski. John owned John's Produce in the North End of Torrington. He was very good to me, when I had my Rotisserie back in the early 90's.He was a hard worker and worked a very long 16 hour day. He would always "throw in something extra" to make you feel like a welcomed customer, We miss you John!

Many years ago, I was running the concession stand at the Harwinton Little League or commonly called the H.Y.S.A. sports facility.I would have the opportunity to meet a chap named Bronc Callahan as I was on a bended knee trying to get into selling my wares at the World Famous Harwinton Fair. Mr. Callahan was very kind to me and also was a big part in getting me into the fair. He, to this day, has great children still living in our community and EVERYONE misses Mr. Bronc Callahan, I do as well. Thanks for being so kind Bronc!

Up in Falls Village, we lost a guy last year named Dale Palmer. Dale was struck with cancer. Dale was a hustler; a true blue collar businessman that I argued with though also looked up to! Dale ran a place called "The Lantern" in Ashley Falls Mass.At the Church services, MANY people got to say things about Dale and his life.I was touched by the love for this man by his family and friends. Dale is missed by many to this day as well as by me.

I still cry when I think of my close friend Glen Carlson who grew up in Torrington and moved to Norfolk in the 1970's.Here was a guy who had it all. A loving wife, kids, friends and was a self made carpenter. His life was cut short. When I think back about Glen's life was he was a true person. Anyone who was at the Child's home for the "goodbye service" for Glen felt it amongst the "circle of friends" that was formed on a sunny fall day! Yep, he is now rocking in a shaker chair up above! Long live Glen Carlson!

Many years ago, we lost a nice girl that I never really knew. She died to young in life Her name was Cathy Belli. The Belli family is a respected family in Torrington and I wish I had the opportunity to have known this girl better that was a few years older than I. Hope you are doing fine up in heaven and we want you to know YOU are not forgotten.

Again in the wonderful town of Falls Village we lost a very loved woman last year. Mrs. Mary Palmer of Dublin Road died after a brief illness. She was a hairdresser in town as well as a very Religious person. EVERYONE knew Mary. She was truly loved by all her children, family and friends. We miss you Mary though your life will live on in your kids!

Lorraine Waltos died many years though was a very loved person in this town of Torrington. Her wonderful hubby, Roger, still lives in town. Lorraine was always kind to us kids growing up, as she was a pal with my Mom and Dad. Lorraine loved to travel and always baked us kids stuff on a regular basis! I nor many family and friends will not forget her.

A few years ago we lost quite a character in a guy named Sam LaMonica who lived up in the East End of town. I used to see him as I managed the Torrington Country Club and he ALWAYS had this beaming smile on his face. He was a kind guy as I recall and worked hard all his life. Hope you have made a few pars lately on the big golf club in the sky!

Who can not recall the honesty and sincerity in a guy named Doc DeDominics as well as his great GREEN trucks he had all his life. Doc probably put in or worked on half of the wells in people’s homes over his career in the well business. He was a very fortunate man whom had a great wife and wonderful children. I will NEVER forget our family times at Cape Cod together at Bass River Beach! Miss you Doc.

Not to long ago, my Mom lost a very nice friend and a lady who was very Religious and loved by the community of Torrington. Her name was Doris Kalinowsky and she was a great lady. She was "oh so kind" to our family when MY Dad died, things like that you do NOT forget. Doris is a Saint and is up in heaven looking down on us and praying for all of us. That is a fact!

There was a living Saint in Torrington we lost about 12 years ago. Her name was Florence Grady. She was quite a lady and had the love of everyone that knew her. I remember her bringing me cookies to me at my hot dog cart, which was located under the Warner Marquee for about 5 years. Flo, you were a feisty woman and we all miss you down here.St.Florence Grady does live on!

This group of people are just a small part of great people that lived on this wonderful place we call earth. They helped make someone’s life better and or cared about other people. I for one would hope you never forget these names. They WERE great people that are now are gone but not forgotten!

This week I dedicate my column to a great lady that we lost a few years ago. Her name was Shirley Troxell. I knew her in life as a great lady with a love for family, friends and cooking as well. We miss you Shirley and no newspaper has been the same since you have moved up to heaven.Today is Friday so we will talk next week, God willing!

Peace, michael

Thursday, May 15, 2008



It was only a dozen years ago , 1992 to be exact, that I was driving up the infamous stretch of road, about eleven hundred feet of it, with my black and silver "Driscoll's Concessions" vending truck at about 6:00 am, on a Saturday morning, as I was invited to sell food at the base of Alvord Park for the Torrington Youth soccer programs.It was beautiful fall September day. I have since sold my concession business.
As I entered the park,my heart was pounding,my skin was getting clammy.I was in a "feeling of slight depression" as my truck appeared to inch forward, remembering "bits and pieces" of "years gone by" or basically having "flashbacks" to the left and to the right of an Alvord Park that once was. Remembering sitting on this ones car,someone not letting you lean on their car,admiring that sportster XLH, or how many people were packed in that station wagon of long ago! I guess it would be the same to some, if you went back to your college today, after a 25 year absence.
It was allot to take in, so early in the morning ,surrounded by the only sounds of birds chirping away.It was surreal.
Though , for me, it was like going to confession to drive that road after almost 25 years after I last sat a night at the park dreaming of what my life might bring.
In short, it was a day of reckoning for my long haired Crosby,Stills, Nash and Young style partying days.
I am sure others had similar experiences bringing their kids to play there after a hiatus of their younger years on that stretch of road as well. Their kids may never read this story!
THIS story will probably the hardest I one I will have written to date.Though, it would be unfair not to pen it as it was a part of Torrington's past.Yes, I am writing about ALVORD PARK.
I will say "up front" that I will not name "one person's name" in this story, as, most of the people that will read this read story today,that hung out at the park , are now grandparents and their kids, have kids of their own! They may have stuffed this in a place in their brain that has forgotten the days of black lights and tie dyed shirts. Let go back and say we are talking about a timeframe from about 1973 to 1978 or so.Maybe YOU fit into this story somewhere,though do not want to admit it!
So we are back in time when we were just finishing our wonder years at THS.
Gas was about 53 cents a gallon. Our friends older brothers,were still in Vietnam, dying.
The original Mc Donald's restaurant with its 'golden arches' on top of East main street was thriving, a large order of fries were 29 cents.You could still legally swim at a great place called "Bash Bish Falls" in Copake Falls, New York. The glass building on East Main street was still my kindergarten school, without the glass facade.
Bradless had burned to the ground a few years ago.Sunnybrook Park, on the Newfield Road was a clean place to take your family or pets for the day.As I look back,we were fortunate kids.

Cruising, was the thing to do.
From taking a half hour ride up the Norfolk Center to a quick ride round Harwinton Lake and maybe even stop and jump in the water on the tiny town beach.There is no place like Lake Harwinton.
From Twenty Four bumpers road , to the quietness of " The Backroad " in a hilly section of Burville Conn we would cruise.
On a sunny day, a slow ride on a then, narrow road around Highland lake , who can not remember jumping off the rocks or swinging on a rope or stopping at Toto's?? for a cold coke on third bay. Or to the water springs up on Newfield Road below the wall of rocks and yes, filling jugs of water as well on the Harwinton side of Clearview avenue.We did not cruise into Litchfield that often,the State Police barracks were there as well back then only on the OTHER side of the road.
Night time rides to " The Doors " which the older kids had us all riled up about and all they were JUST two BIG large doors , that set off an alarm when you touched them, they are still there,, at the Compensation Reservoir in Barkhamsted.It was scary though at night! Yes, we made a few trips to Duddleytown as well in Cornwall Connecticut. I can remember lots of great rides with trees dancing and colors abound!
From Dutton Hill , Bradford and County Road to the roads behind where Wal-Mart is today, I can not believe I just said that word in print, we would cruise. Stopping at Mr. Zanders Apple house for a candy bar ,having the munchies was a common occurrence! You do not hear that word "munchies" that often anymore? I am sure it has been replaced with a new term?
While our cruising journeys were endless in our "big boat cars" from Cadillac's or Chrysler's, a Tempest,Impala,a hearse or a station wagon, to a VW, Tr 6 , a Fiat or an Opel, we were kids that would always end up the same place on Friday night,meeting with all the kids in the city at a venue called ALVORD PARK.
Now before you elders decide to cast stones at me, for talking about 1970's Alvord Park, try and remember the people that RAN Torrington back in these years,they were YOUR friends and your age. Or as they would be called today,, the godfathers of Torrington.I will not point out whom were Mayor's, the 20 city councilman over those years,the board of education's and or who ran the police departments back in those days in this column.I will though say that "that" generation of officials thought it was better for us "hippies" to congregate in ONE PLACE, that being Alvord Park, than all over town. They ALL, city officials, looked the other way as I NOW look back on those fragile years. I do not blame them, though, now I say I would have expected more from them, back then.
I will not for one minute try and justify that what we did their was right or wrong, though, we were a close knit family of kids looking to fit in with the times. We did not have computers ,cell phones or ATM's.We respected and loved our parents,just like the children of today.
We ALL worked a part time job after school and looked forward to Friday nights.It was a place where we did not bother other people and they did not bother us.
This is important to note, I am quite sure back in these time, the Torrington Police department's officers did not have "ticket books" that they carried with them. The Chief would be notified BEFORE anyone was booked.I do not recall anyone ever being, taken away for doing something bad, from the park in all the years I went up there. And the cops drove through every day and night,waved and left. We did not burn cars or bother other one's property , on the contrary, you could leave your car unlocked up there,take a stroll to visit other dudes or dudes and come back and not worry about having someone taking even one of your 8 track tapes! Yes, cassettes were on the way.
There were a few vehicle accidents that should not have happened,that is the only sad part of this story,but it is a fact.
Friday night would see hundreds of cars, just try to drive down to the "turnaround area" and park usually only on the right hand side facing towards Kennedy drive.On a graduation night and or a " White or Maroon " THS election party, "forget about it" cars could and would be up and down Kennedy drive.There was no Chamber of Commerce building back then and lots of you guys and I would drive our 250cc dirt bike's through these woods and up and down the "bowl area" where kids sled in the early 1960's.
We would watch this " concrete band backdrop" be built in the bowl area, not really sure why? as i am not even sure it ever got used!
Within a 400 feet drive within the park, we could hear musical great as, the Who,Jethro Tull,Fleetwood Mac,Jefferson Starship,America,Aztec Two Step,Queen,Frank Zappa,Boston,Led Zeppelin,J.Geil's,Springsteen,Mick and company and yes, even a little Joni Mitchell,Carly Simon or Janis Joplin blaring from their cars.
I do not recall seeing fights at the park or anything related to violence or destruction, except, maybe to ourselves in the way of alcohol and or a few smokes. Panama Red was a friend of ours,never really knew where he or she was from? Didn't matter!
We kids never saw, heroine, crack or (Exctacy??) ,nor us kids ,never graduated to that stuff either our entire lifetime. We liked Boone's Farm Apple Wine and maybe a Molson Golden Ale. Occasionally, a shot or Mr. Daniels or Crown Royal.The word "Quaalude 714" has since left the vocabulary of today's generation,Thank God.
WPLR's 99.1 "stoneman" got us through the night with his tunes as well as did the "Litch" who left to be with WHCN at 106 on the dial.
I can not believe i am saying this but: guess the park and recreation department employees did have their hands filled after a Friday and Saturday nights partying up there back then.
Most people that do read this and hung out there probably spent close to a "years time" hanging at that venue,some more.
I can not believe that it has been 25 plus years since we hung out at Alvord Park.Good people hung out there,I would still call all of them friends.Someone, I spoke to, summed up Alvord Park in one word: PEACEFUL.
Most people will say they had quite a few good times up there and others might say they had a bad experience as well there.I would agree with all of them!

I dedicate this to anyone whom smoked a joint,blunt,doobie,j-bar,bone, or pipe full at this place way back when and still to this day are a sane person!We are NOT awful people!Have a great day and do not expect to many comments today? :-)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Circle That Turned Into A Square By Dail Karnegee :-)

yes, today I accept the fact that I can write about whatever and as yesterday showed me in can spiral into a whole different angle?

How talking about a doctor, from the yesteryear's of Torrington, turned to alleged drinking at nutmeg Ballet I will never understand?

let alone a dress code for how people dress?

People, I want you to tell me what YOU would like to see here?

I want to keep it ,so to speak, happy BUT if the need does arise, we will be there to try and help you!

We ( I ) and not a politician nor ever want to be one, tried that once, lost and moved on.

And, I am in the middle of cleaning out an estate off the Winsted Road right now so also short on time this week!

So here is a short few comments that I rec'd through the G-mail format, I thought we would share with you with a past story I penned, THIS is ONLY why I do this!

"" I was quite pleased to see that you included the name of Anthony Lucia, Sr., who was my paternal grandfather recently in story you wrote.

Although my grandfather retired shortly after I was born in 1967, I clearly remember the days when everyone in Torrington knew everyone else, and my siblings and I ( all 10 of them!) were all identified on sight as one of "Chucky's" grandchildren.

I certainly agree that back then there was great importance placed with regard to whom you were related.

It seemed then that the great majority of the families residing in town at the time were related to many other families, and just about everyone knew everyones name.

Such a vastly simpler time.

Of interest, I believe my father ,Anthony Lucia, Jr., worked for a very brief time for the city as well, and my brother Anthony "Gus" Lucia, who is somewhat infamous for his abundance of enthusiasm in setting up for Christmas Village each year, currently works for the Parks and Rec. Department.

Thank you, Mike, for that little bit of pleasant nostalgia, particularly this week while coming upon the anniversary of my father's passing in a few day's time.

For the rest of the evening, my thoughts will be filled with happy memories of the safe, cozy, and familiar Torrington of my childhood. Lisa ""

It took Lisa time to write that and that meant LOTS to me. So, do an anonymous topic, make your X or at least let me know you R out there please.

I dedicate this to the legacy of this Mr. Lucia. It appears that EVERYONE knew and loved this guy! That, my friends is what it is all about!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Last week, I received a bill from a Doctor SPERO that I went for back issues with in the month of December 2007.

I got his bill in the mail May 1st 2008 and it is sad the system they must use to get a bill over 160 days after his service of sitting in one of his "stalls" waiting to see him for one hour and thirty three minutes before I even met the man?

I guess you might call his place a human factory?

The reason on how I got to this topic today is I am taking apart an estate in Sharon,CT and low and behold is a 26 pound books FILLED with over 5,000 prescriptions penned by doctors from 1925 to 1930.

The man that owned this book was a pharmacist in Waterbury Conn.

As most of you know a great doctor named Alfred Finn Jr. served our community for 40 plus years!

IN this book were scripts that his dad,Doc Finn Sr. had hand written out, some even just on a paper bag, back in this earlier time in medicine.His Dad was on Grand Street in Waterbury back in the 20's and 1930's.

Yesterday, Doc Finn Jr. came to my house to see this book and marveled at the prescriptions and his Dads stuff all collected by this Sharon man named, last named Martin.

What struck me was Doc Finn started telling me how he visited this house and that house back ( as he pointed up and down Pineridge Road ) as in the 1950's to late 1960's for him to make HOME VISITS, he stated, was very common!

I was brought to me knees,almost, remembering this same Doctor coming to my mom and dad's house to see us kids when we were sick.

As Doc Finn thanked me for letting him see a piece of history I could tell he was elated with, I was left thinking about the good ole days Doctors visited your home to see you and I am sure did not wait 160 plus days to send out a bill??

By The Way,can you imagine IF I waited 5 plus months to pay this Doctor,o my lands!

Yep, gone are the days of the Doctor Finns and hello to the days that suck where a doctor takes over 5 months to get you a bill?

I dedicate this story to a Doctor named SCALICE whom, I do not know where he is today.

I do recall on Christmas day in the year 1974 as I lay in bed sick in suite 515, at the CHH , the end of his cigarette dropped on my clean white bedding at the hospital as back then, it was socially accepted to smoke in the hospitals!

Today, I have a great G.P. and i had my first physical in 35 years last week and God willing I may even live a few more years!

Do we get any comments today on the medicine of today? have a great day and maybe Spero will call me today and tell me he will EAT the bill for making me wait over 90 minutes as I sat in one of his crowded little rooms waiting for his services?

IF not, I will promise to mail out payment in the am.

God knows I would never wait 5 plus months to pay any bill! Have a sparkling day. This story took less than four minutes to write.

IT is amazing on the power of the brain when pissed off just a tad, though really I already feel better since I wrote.

Monday, May 12, 2008


In 1979, Torrington had gasoline lines. Ella Grasso was our governor.

There were "lines" as well, at many well-known family-owned stores back
in our and your generation as well. We have heard from our moms and dads
about the Depression food lines of the 1930s.

Most of us "baby boomers"
are fortunate to have been born after that timeframe in life.

We can lose a great chief of police, a valued teacher, an important
person in town, or a one-of-a-kind event, only to be dropped on a dime
and not thought of again forever. Granted, I know there are a few people
who enjoy this new blog, though, if it were to cease next week, you
would just say, "oh well." Would you really miss it?Nah, you would just go elsewhere.

I have learned over the past few months not to "take for granted" a
single day. Just reading the past month's Register Citizen obituary
pages, of the loss of many a 40- and 50-year-olds, sure does scare me! A
lot of good Litchfield County people have died recently.

I pray to God
that I'll be able to go months without seeing such young people die
again. I would do anything to pick up the RC just ONE day to see that we
did not lose a person from Torrington.

Back to the "gasoline odd and even days" and the Torrington "lines of
days gone by."
How many people can recall looking out of your living room window to see
the "gas lines" forming at about 5 a.m. any given day back in 1979?
James Earl (Jimmy) Carter Jr. was the president of the United States.
Gasoline was sparse. It was the beginning of the ODD and EVEN days,
depending on your license plate. I can remember looking out our window
to see cars lining up, making sure they would leave room for people who
lived in nearby homes to back out their cars out of the driveways. The
lines would stretch down the entire length of Pineridge Road. There were
"limited hours," and even amounts of gas were limited back then.
Can you imagine that happening in town today? There would be gas wars and as I pen this, who knows what is ahead for us in the terms of gasoline.

People laughed at me for the past 10 years with my locking gas cap?

I no longer leave more than 6 gallons in my tank!

Back then, the gas station owners got to set their own hours. They were
in control. We are fortunate not to have to deal with that mess today,yet!

We just give half our week's salary to fill up our tanks instead!
There were grocery lines even in the days of the great A&P store up in
the east end, which was next to Star's department store. There was
nothing that was cooler than watching that little rectangular box be put
on those steel rollers and "pushed" through a hole in the concrete wall
to see your groceries go sliding out to a "valet parking" type pick-up
area. As a kid, it was a very cool thing!

Today, I drive in the North End, up Water Street, or even on any side
street in town, trying to remember a place of long ago.

It gets harder
and may be that I am aging OR it may also be that Torrington is now a
new place, of a different time, one that I am having a hard time
accepting as maybe I just do not like change in general!
Many places have been knocked down to "make room" for a new city
project. We can blame no one but ourselves for the demise of Torrington
as the quaint little town it ONCE was. Do I love Torrington? You bet I
do, but I loved it even more 35 years ago when the top o the hill did not produce a ton of dirty water in a stream next to my house that now ROARS after a rainstorm when it once trickled as a kid! We will dedicate this column to the memory of Al Milo, a guy who pumped a little gas and helped many on their cars and "spoke up" loudly with heart!,, any comments folks?

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Boy, how do you do thank your Mom:

How do we try and thank our Moms for all they have done for us on a single page of paper?

Pray I even get it half right?

There are many many people, like me and you ,that chose to stay behind in Torrington Conn USA ( or your town ) because we still have loved ones living and we have a conscience once we realized we were the only ones left behind :-)

My grandmother Jennie Driscoll had a few great sons but ONE stayed and lived with her to the end.

My uncle John Driscoll whom retired after 40 plus years at Pratt & Whitney, stayed with her till the end,you gotta love him!

I have brothers in Maryland and Colorado,sisters in Alaska and Kentucky and then there is me who now lives back on the road I grew up on , less than a half dozen houses from my Mom,the place she wants to live the rest of her days,her home.

Is this not true of your Mom that read this today, also want to spend the rest of their lives in their homestead where you were raised?

My Mom Alyce O'Sullivan Driscoll was born on the Unionville/Farmington line and grew up in the original house ( still there today ) on Route Six where the "Centennial Inn Suites" is located.Here is the link to her home as the house itself has not changed!

She married my Dad on July 4 th 1955, right out of a storybook romance novel.

Everybody loved my Mom and Dad.

I know I am not half the man my Dad was and recently had a cousin I barely know remind me of that!

Dad was a lawyer/banker for the next 41 years and Mom raised five great kids, well four plus me and even taught a few thousand kids how to dance from the 1950's ( above Morrison's Hardware ) to the latter part of the 1970's.

As I look back now, how my Mom ever did it all, I will never understand?

Yep, have you asked this same question about your Mom?

Never heard that bad four letter word out of my Dad and or my Mom's mouth, no vulgarity at all. That is how they were raised and they had love for everyone.

We had so many friends and I got to know kids of all backgrounds thanks to Mom's friends. I would get to go to this ones house on the Westside or up the lake in Goshen or Winsted or just hang out with the 100 plus kids in our local neighborhood.

Yes, we would learn to be hard to handle in our teen and into the 1970's years where carrying rolling papers in a pants pocket was not abnormal,sad as I look back,though we did not beat up people walking around town.

My parents had fun groups come to visit on weekends and Christmas Eve, we were the open house place for many local families we did not get to see but that one night of the year.Christmas Eve's ( Christmases in general ) do not get better with time, they only get worse,sorry, just my opinion.

Kids get older and our favorite older people do in fact is part of life.

Yes,I can remember my Mom reading me a story to fall asleep or helping set up that netting when i had
"that hooping cough crap."

The first school bus ride was easier with Mom there to meet me as I got off that bus!

Taking me to school,after school activities or that dreaded visit to the doctor or worse the dentist and that smell in the office?

I hope you will add a few hundred memories of YOURS today of YOUR Mom?

Yes, all of us have probably treated our Mom in a situation we wish we could take back and I will be the first to admit that.

Today, my Mom can be found helping out with anything to do with the Saint Francis School or Church as that is her passion and everyone of your Moms needs a passion.

It might be their Bingo night or watching American Idol or a participating member of a fraternal organization?

Mom, is now in her golden years and it would not be truthful if I did not add that we argue from time to time.

NO ONE, wants to loose their independence but they also must understand we kids do want to help even if it is small in substance of some kind!

I can NEVER thank my Mom enough for all she did for me.I never say " I love you " enough to her and just do not know how to make up for all the wrong I did over the years.

Hope it just ain;t me?

By the time you read this my Mom and I will be going to Copake Falls,New York State, to a place my Mom,Dad and all us five kids used to go to all the time. I have packed a lunch and we will sit and reminisce about days gone by and hopefully not get into an argument? Again, does that sound like you and your Mom? Have a great day folks!

This was a little longer than my usual story and PLEASE read my first few other stories and try to join in here Monday through Friday and voice or shout out, so to speak.
P.S. THERE are MANY of you today, whom may have ONLY had a Dad that played BOTH the roll of a DAD and a MOM and or many more whom lost your Mom this past year. To YOU people, I wish you hope and great memories of your loved one no longer here today.They are not forgotten!

Here you can post ANONYMOUSLY and please click where it says COMMENTS to read what others have written and again, please post a comment as well.

This blog stuff is all new to me and I thank the Publisher Matt D. for allowing me to express myself in this unique way and thanks for the front page notice letting you folks know I am now here, that was kind of the Register Citizen and a surprise to me.

It is the local newspaper with many great employees,reporters,photographers,editors right down to the great lady,Delores, who delivers my newspaper daily!

PLEASE, if nothing else: in the next week, let your Mom and or Dad or brother out in East Osh Gosh know they can click on the website go to OPINION/BLOG CENTRAL page and read my daily musings.

And, If Mom and or Dad do not like the computer, print them out for them!

MOM, I LOVE YOU, may you live to be 101 years young, Michael

P.S. We will discuss anything you would like to hear. Let's rock and roll folks, this is NOW YOUR SITE TO VENT AS WELL!


I thank the Register Citizen for the kind notice they put on the front of the paper noting about the new blog here and the fact Sunday, I will try to thank my Mom, just like you folks are, in all they have done.

Give me a shout out please, if you now are aware of this new venue!

I leave you with a shot of a tree across from my front door,beautiful!

Hope you had a great Saturday and please tune in this Mother's Day AM. until then,Peace, MED

Friday, May 9, 2008

~~ Good Friday To You-Please Tune In Mother's Day As I Am Going To Give My Mom My 50 Year Thank You BLOG Card~~

Short again tonight you wonderful group of people that scope out this venue!

I learned how to make this a little tighter thanks to HTML.

Anyhow, I am working on a very important thank you for my Mom via a blog as she is one of the " many" whom want nothing to do with the computer.Trust me, she is one of thousands living in town.

So ENJOY this nice rainy day and today,I beg of you to think of the sad people whom are missing their Moms, Aunts and or Grandmothers for the first Mom's day without them!

I dedicate this column to all the women whom have past in the past year since Mother's day!

Remembering my first Dad's day without dad brings a tear to my eye, have a great day!

Talk to you soon, do you want to share a memory with me?

Thursday, May 8, 2008

~~A GREAT TORRINGTON LADY Missed Daily As Mother's Day Is Near~~

It is a great Thursday the 8th of May in the year 2008.

People ask me at times why I used to write stories in the paper a few years back.

This blog thing is a little new to me and honestly I am not sure how much it is being read?

While today will be a very short blog, it is as simple as this mail in which i have hundreds of that speak volumes!

I do dedicate this column to Lynne Naehrig as we lost her way to early in life and the kind words by Terese, whom I do not know, again is why I did what I did!

Have a great day and try and thank a friend today for something good they did for you!

----- Original Message -----
Terese Sexton
Sent: Saturday, March 10, 2007 5:45 PM
Subject: Re: Lynne Naehrig
Dear Mr Driscoll,
My name is Terese, I am Lynne's sister. Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated the article you wrote about my sister on April 8, 2006. I intended to speak with you at the dedication for the scoreboard, you had already left. It is so comforting to know how many friends loved my sister. She was more like my mother than my sister, so a big piece of me went with her. I have your article next to her picture on my china cabinet, I read it at least once a week. It is very comforting. Once again, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. It meant more than you could know.
Take Care,

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I Was Asked What I Would Do IF I was The Mayor For The Day-Probably Get THROWN OUT OF OFFICE After You Read THIS

If YOU read my last blog, I was asked what I would do
""IF I was Mayor for a day""


It will never happen folks!
ABOVE is a scene from New Years Eve In Saratoga Springs and its "First Night" seen from our hotel,that is my 93 year young Uncle and I,this past New years where over 10,000 people attended!
ALMOST looks like Torrington does it not?

All kidding aside, The Mayor of the City of Torrington earns every penny he or she makes I feel.

When I first looked at a day as the Mayor, I thought I must put a "happy go lucky spin on it."

Well, I am trying to.

First of all, I do feel Mr. Bingham is a great guy; I call him " The Bing."

Second of all, I am Michael Driscoll and did not run against Mr.. Bingham this past fall.

I was asked yesterday in my blog," what would I do if I was Mayor for the day?"

I would probably just want to answer the phones as the beautiful Mo does daily.

Did you ever notice how pleasant she is no matter what time of day you call the Mayor's office?

I would want to help gather the 100 plus daily calls that paint the picture of why residents are calling city hall for help to begin with?

Would not attempt any changes being " Mayor for the day " BUT I would suggest this to the Charter Revision people.

That if you were a taxpayer, let us say a senior citizen or 62 years young. Having lived in Torrington for 20 years and paid taxes (on your only home here) faithfully without ever missing a payment,we reward you with 100.00. Hopefully your husband or wife helps you get the maximum benefit IF you both are alive that being a total of 200 bucks every year to be taken off your next tax bill!


Bottom line,I would suggest that IF you paid your taxes, did not utilize any services other than your garbage pick-up, that YOU get back " up to two-hundred dollars " for that home again towards your next years tax bill.

It'll never happen I know.
I was considering bringing up all the people that have just MOVED to Torrington, with four or five kids without jobs living off the system but ,nah.

I am not good at politics and never will be I am sorry to say.

I will end with telling you a short story of a pal named Tom whom thought we paid the Bing to much for his job.

When I explained the " hours “ that the job entails and the nightly " city hall meetings" and the weekends never to yourself, not counting the funeral visits, open houses, ribbon cuttings, I told Tom the guy makes maybe 13 bucks an hour!

Tom then agreed with me. I had convinced him that the job of the mayor, man and or woman, must be a trying job and not all photos and smiles!

Do I know that the taxpayers will never see 200 clams back a year,yeah, but boy do those people deserve it!

Should I have kept this a lighter story, maybe?

But the truth of the matter is folks, we ain't in Kansas no more and to add to that I say,

We ain't in 1960's Torrington Conn USA no more either!

We need to start giving back to the people whom did so much and ask for so little!

To me, that is what I would try to do if only in my dreams as Mayor for the day.

Saint Patrick's Day is only 300 days away.

Aah to only live long enough to be Lord Mayor for the day?

PS, I dedicate this column to the memory of CHARLES " Charlie " Duggan,, a great man who kept up kids in line let it be the halls or outside in the lower parking lot! We loved Mr. Duggan at a time when the Education budget was less than half what it is today!

Monday, May 5, 2008


OK, we will keep this short and sweet today!
Good Tuesday May six to you.
First of all I want you to remember a great chap that we lost on May 4th in the year 1979. His name was Rick Sabia and boy could he play the guitar.
His band was called " NO END " and I can recall his death as he died on my birthday round a place called Sink Hole Bridge on the outskirts of Torrington,since straightened out after many folk died there back circa 1985.
Rick is blasting " Stairway to Heaven" out or maybe playing a little "Humble Pie" above us today,remember him, good man, good Torrington Conn USA name!
P.S.This is a friend of mines baby named Alenya,McCoy and I babysat her for a few months while her Dad was in school for his job,she LOVED feeding McCoy!


IF YOU have a great story to share with us all and or a "good ole memory" of the Torrington U knew, get the ball rolling.
It would tickle my feathers to have a bunch of kind local people, get into my inner brain area of a location no longer there that I had forgotten about till you brought it up here.

Example, like the details of the INSIDE of what Jacob's Corner Store used to look like in the 1960's or what it was like to work at Bradlees circa the fire there.
Did you work at a mill back then and how you see Torrington DIFF today.
OK, YOUR turn folks.
I have to go clean out an estate so a little busy here in the antique world BUT, this has to work BOTH ways or as they say a two-way street.
While I have read that some bloggers write just to write, that ain't the case here.

I want participation so to you young folk, print this and get it into the hands of your Dad and Mom's that liked reading "Mike's Memories."

And when Mom and or Dad type a nice comment send it back here and yes I know many, many seniors do use computers BUT many do not:-)

I need to see a few comments please folks!

Make My Day

Sunday, May 4, 2008

18 Years Later Downtown Torrington Is Still Spewing PLANS-Good Monday Morning To You ALL

I had LOTS of older folks ask me about the word " blog " as it sounds like it means a " stuffed up head cold " or a kind of caviar, so to speak.

Word traveled fast of this new venue, for a guy that used to try to excite people Sunday's here at the RC, in print that is.

That again is my goal to get back into the newspaper weekly again.

Everyday, you and I someway get involved in a blog, some how, some way.

The great team of Jeff Zeiner and Dale Jones in the am on WZBG could be called a daily blog.Well kinda.

Amy has her following as well in the afternoons, kudos to her.

And there is no doubt you have a yearning for what they say and their 'take" on certain areas of their day.

It might be Pam Landry's 'Blue Plate Special' on WPLR that rocks your world and or the mighty 'Howard' that you listen to daily.

If you watch a soap opera, you might call that a kind of blog.

They say a blog sometimes can include brief musings, commentary on Internet and other social issues. Yep.

This is only my third blog and I am learning the freedom lies within both the blogger and the bloggee if you can follow that.


I, like you, were blown away recently about comments made by certain people regarding the redevelopment of Torrington's downtown within the past month.

Back in 1990, a I sold hot dogs under the Warner Theatre marque as well as owned two other business on and off Main street for a ten year stint.

It was a 'new thing" to hear of these plans regarding changes downtown.

Since then over 100 business have come and gone,I was one of them.That was 18 years ago!

A local real estate agent stated we should build on the second and third floor buildings downtown,living establishments for people " 55 and older."

My gosh, I still think some people are scared living in the Torrington Towers?

Christina Emery, to me whom we wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars on in a past city employee position dating back to the Quinn administration now serves as the new "corporation's interim executive director" of another group now known as the Torrington Development Corporation.

Emery has been stated as saying that still more planning is needed for the master development plan to be completed by maybe the fall-time.

Just what we need, more planning?

I think she is the only one making money down there.

Honestly though, the days of the thriving " Torrington downtown era " is gone, I say sadly.

I feel for the great merchants who have "given it their all" to just stay afloat!

From Gorge, Cheryl and Robbie, I wish I had your drive still in my bones. I love you guys.

It is MY turn to ask you folks your comments today!

Changing gears now:

If you had a person whom enjoyed "Mike's Memories" print this out and show it to them or show it to them on their or your computer.

It may make then even want to sit at the screen daily and or once a week to CONTRIBUTE THEIR FEELINGS OF THEIR TORRINGTON, yesterday and today?


Today I ask you to remember the memory of Peter Roller whom died many years ago. Great kid who died way to young on top of East Main Street when all we had up there was the golden arch McDonald's.

Peter Roller was a well-liked kid and wish I had as many friends as he did in his short time on this place called Earth!

Have a great Monday.

God willing, we will see you Tuesday now kindly SPEAK UP as I need to know your folks are out there!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Thanks For Reading BLOG Number TWO-Have a GREAT Weekend!

OK folks, to have five people as of 7:00 am this rainy Friday hit me with a post on my first blog( I posted last night ) is overwhelming as I have checked a few blogs out on this Register Citizen site and five is a great start!

Note: Today's SOUND OFF, also found in the paper, has a little error and believe you me, I make LOTS of them.

it talks about a CIGNA light, i really think they meant to say SIGNAL LIGHT :-)

This has to be YOUR place as well,not just mine!

I ask you to ask me what are YOUR concerns these days?

But remember, I am NOT the guy that tried to become mayor,that is Tim Driscoll.

No, we can not change the gasoline prices nor attempt to.

Maybe you can tell me more about Rock Street,in the 1950's, how you had a place to make booze back in your basement back circa 1960's which helped pay your twenty five cent gallon of gas?

Or maybe tell me about your favorite walk through STAR"S with the popcorn popping and the Christmas trees out front?

A drink at Benny Nero's in the 1970's or being a hanger at Alvord Park and or the Brass Mill Dam when us kids did not beat up on people for no darn reason!

Or walking through that narrow alley-way to a place us kids jammed music at in Litchfield in the early 1970's. what was it called?

If you are from out of state, please let me know. Again I end by saying this is all new to me BUT
when I wrote in the paper with what was called " Mike's Memories " I do know that many of the readers were seniors. Would also like to hear from them!

Have a pleasant weekend and God willing we will talk soon!

Today I ask you to remember Glenn Carlson, great guy from Norfolk Conn whom died young!

We will end everyday,remembering someone,Peace,MD

Thursday, May 1, 2008

My First Hello,Please Let Me Know U R Out There?

Hello Folks,

It has been a while, have missed you all.

This is all new to me folks but, with your help we may be able to make people see things in our town by the way of a blog that I want read by the young and the old!

If your Mom and or Dad used to liked what I penned in Sunday's paper, then please print them a copy and drop it off. Ask them to send a reply.

Might this blog be read by the Mayor, city employees, you folks in "your office cube daily" as well every local and vocal Torrington taxpayer.Maybe other newspapers will take a peek daily,the local shop owners and yep, even printed out and posted on the mirrors of bathroom stalls.

Honestly though, it is that guy or girl that grew up in Torrington Conn that just loves Torrington I want to hear from.

But I want and need IMPUT!

Michael Edward Driscoll,whom you read for years in this great local newspaper does not want to change the world but is the author behind this blog, wants to help you enjoy your day,get out a rant or remember a great time in your life locally by reading my blog,daily!

So it is up to you?

For the next few weeks, I will daily ( Monday through Friday) post a blog.

I want you to know, in layman's term, a blog is like my older Sunday stories,then called "Mike' Memories" though shorter and asking YOU to add to the conversation by typing back a few kind or not so kind words.

Please be kind to begin with,I beg of you.

I hope we will discuss our local towns within the readers area: from politics to great people whom helped our towns to even why we pay,what we pay for what it is we are supposed to get?

Like SOUND OFF, started by the great staff at the Register Citizen, you may join in with just a first name and or anonymously,just contribute please!

It is my job, to get you to want to read me as well as write back to me.OR for your to contribute to my blog.

As you know though, I love talking about 'Torrington's Past"

I am ready,are you?

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